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The interface for your database.

View, update, and visualize your data collaboratively, without needing to be a database expert.

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Democratized data

No one team should have all that power.

Outerbase UI ScreenshotCreate. Queries, columns, rows, tables, and schemas without writing SQL.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotEdit. Edit your data in-line and collaboratively like you would a spreadsheet.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotSave. Ditch the random snippets and notes with blocks of SQL queries, Organize them here.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotShare. Share your queries with the rest of the team so they’re not stuck recreating the wheel.
Monterey AI logoOuterbase is Figma for data. It makes data exploration and collaboration crazy easy without messing around heavy warehouses. The human language to SQL transformation is implemented in a way that just works. Love the product & team!!Avatar of personChun JiangMonterey AI

Introducing EZQL

The easiest way to query your data without ever writing a single line of SQL.

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Monterey AI logoI’ve always enjoyed the use of Google Sheets and Airtable. Outerbase takes aspects of both and brings them together for a robust platform to view data.Avatar of personScott AndersonKwik Fill


Outerbase connects to most popular databases.

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Monterey AI logoI learned more about my business in a shorter amount of time than I could have with other tools. It only took 10 minutes to connect my database and have my dashboard of charts setup. Outerbase saved me hours.Avatar of personMatthew TurnshekIliad.ai

The developer is in the details

For developers by developers.

Outerbase UI ScreenshotAutocomplete. Select your schemas, tables, columns and more quickly.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotTabs. Reduce context-switching and do it all in our intuitive user interface.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotData Types. Simple experiences for complex data like JSON, timestamps, and ENUMs.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotVariables. Embed variables to create powerful and flexible queries.
Monterey AI logoI spend my life in SQL and Outerbase makes me absolutely love what I do. The UI is downright gorgeous and the intuitive auto-complete is a game changer.Avatar of personAlex DanilowiczMirrorful

Visualize without compromise

Create stunning dashboards in a couple clicks.

Outerbase UI ScreenshotGPT-3 Generated. Easily generate beautiful charts and dashboards without writing any SQL.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotCustomizable. Quickly swap between bars, lines, pies, and more.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotEmbeddable (Coming Soon). Present your data wherever you need with embeddable charts.
Outerbase UI ScreenshotTemplates (Coming soon). Automatically generate dashboards tailored to your data.

Data made easy.

Enable your entire team to make data-driven decisions.